Update post Christmas

Well it’s all been a bit crazy since I was last here. Generally my trouble is that I try to do too many things at once but what I have been up to is doing more and more to improve the quality of my photography. So I came across a site called Creative Live which gives online live access to courses they hold for free. So far I’ve had a chance to learn more about what my camera does and the¬†subtleties¬†of lighting and I have been practicing! It’s been exciting and really satisfying so time well spent I think. Now back to DS106 thanks to a timely tweet from @cogdog (many thanks) who reminded me that I don’t just want to improve my technical abilities. I really want to tell stories with my work. I want to produce work that reaches out and connects people, stirs them up and makes them think (hopefully) so here I am back on the DS106 train :)